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Guide on How to Buy on Aquazy Beachwear Australia

Follow these steps in order to purchase an item on Aquazy:

Step 2: Add an Item to Your Cart

Go to the item page you want to buy, select the size, colour or any of the options available and click “Add to Cart” button on the product page, e.g.:

add to cart

Once you clicked on the “Add to cart” button, you will be prompted to a pop up. Follow the link in the pop up if you would like to go to your shopping cart for checkout or just close down the pop up if you want to continue shopping.


Step 2: Proceed to Checkout

In you cart, review the cost of the items as well as quantity and total summary. If happy to proceed, click on the “Checkout” link when you are ready. Please note that if you have a “coupon code”, enter your coupon code and click on apply.

shopping cart

Step 3: Enter Your Address Details

Once you proceeded with the checkout, you will be prompted to enter your address details. If you are a new customer, you would need to sign as a new customer and fill out all the information needed. Once signed, you will be asked to select the billing address and you will have the option to ship to the same address or to a new address. This will be the case when customer requires to send the parcel to a different address.

billing information

Step 4: Confirm Shipping Details

After entering your address and delivery address, you will be asked to confirm shipping costs. Please note that these are the shipping costs set up by sellers, therefore these might change from seller to seller, depending on their shipping terms and conditions.

shipping cost

Step 5: Select Payment Method

At Aquazy payments can only be done through PayPal (using a PayPal account or debit/credit cards) for security reasons. Once you proceed with your order, you will be prompted to PayPal payment system. Please note that PayPal keeps your information as secure as possible-with automatic encryption for all of your sensitive information and email communications. Please note also that there is no charge for buyers on PayPal.

payment information

Step 6: Review the order and accept the Terms & Conditions

Review the order and accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box "I accept Terms & Conditions" and proceed to the payment.


Step 7: Add your Payment Details in PayPal

You can decide to pay using your PayPal account or using your credit or debit card. You will notice that the payment is split between Aquazy and the Seller


Thank you! You have just made a purchase on Aquazy

If you would like to view and print a copy or your order, click on the link "click here to view and print a copy of your order.

order confirmation

Please check our buyers FAQs if you require further information on how to buy on Aquazy