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Secure Payment System on Aquazy Beachwear Australia


Are payments safe on Aquazy?
Aquazy uses PayPal payment system for all payment transactions. PayPal's technology automatically encrypts all sensitive information sent between computers and their systems, making sure all the information is kept private.


Sellers Protection

PayPal provides fraud prevention measures such as data encryption, antifraud risk models, address verification system (AVS), card security code, verification and antifraud specialists. They also provide assistance in case of a dispute between sellers and buyers over a chargeback request. To avoid having disputes and requests of chargebacks from buyers, please read our Sellers Guide and Payment protection, tips and best practices.

Buyers Protection
PayPal allows buyers to purchase without sharing financial information with sellers. Buyers's privacy is also safeguarded with data encryption and PayPal technology. With PayPal buyers get 100% protection against unauthorised transactions. Please read our Buyers Guide and Buyers Payment protection tips and best practice for further advice.