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Sell on Aquazy Beachwear Australia

Sell Your Beach Items on Aquazy

Why to Sell on Aquazy

It is FREE registration, there are no membership fees

Once we sell your items we collect a 5% fee on the sale price

Increase brand exposure by connecting with a targeted audience

Reach shoppers from all over the world

Motivate customers to engage with your brand and associated products

Get an another channel for personalised selling

How to sell

Open a Shop

Register for free to set up your online shop and list your items on Aquazy.com

Make a Sale

Customers buy directly from you. Manage your orders online.

Get Paid

Get paid from your customers directly throught PayPal

Ship the order

Once the payment is received,ship the order

More Questions?

What are the FEES?
It is a FREE registration and no fees are required for your listing. We will charge 5% transaction fees when a sale occurs on your item’s sale price. These fees will be deducted automatically at the moment of the sale through PayPal. At the end of each month you will receive an invoice with the sum of your monthly fees.

What can I sell on Aquazy?
Aquazy is the platform for professional and recreational designers of beachwear, swimwear, sandals, beach dresses, beach accessories and any other type of beach items that are handmade and not handmade. Any beach item can be sold on Aquazy platform. Once you upload your products you only need to find the best category your product fits in. Sometimes if you feel that your product does not belong in any of the categories listed, please contact us that we will be happy to create a specific category for you.

Who Can Sell on Aquazy
Professional designers as well as recreational designers are welcome. We promote emerging small designers and manufacturers that work on a small scale rather than mass production. We are trying to let designers be designers and to use Aquazy as their marketing and selling platform tool. Please follow our Tips and Advice for tips on how to sell online.

For further questions please visit our FAQs section or contact us directly.

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